Vehicle Theft Prevention

Vehicle Theft PreventionParking

  • At night, find a well-lighted area with plenty of pedestrian traffic. Thieves don't usually like to "work" in areas that are clearly visible.
  • Don't store valuables in your vehicle. If you must, hide them under seats or lock them in the trunk.
  • Never leave your vehicle unlocked, the windows rolled down or keys in the ignition. Never leave your vehicle's engine running while you are away.
  • Never hide a spare key anywhere on your vehicle. Crooks know all the hiding places.
  • If you own an auto theft prevention device, use it every time you park your vehicle.

Anti-Theft Devices

  • Steering wheel locks are recommended by some experts to be the most cost-effective deterrent on the market.
  • Door locks should be tapered to prevent a thief from pulling them open with wire or other device when inserted through the window crack.
  • Hood locks will help prevent access to batteries and alarm systems.


  • Alarms come with several options including: pin switches which activate a siren when doors or the trunk are opened, sensors which pick up glass breaking, voltage sensors that detect a power drain, motion-sensing devices, and automatic door locks.

More Prevention Tips

  • Don't leave ownership papers, your insurance information or registration in your vehicle. Make a copy of your registration and place it in your wallet along with your driver's license and insurance card. If you prefer to leave your registration in the vehicle, make a copy of it, black out your address line only, make another copy of it and place that copy in your vehicle. File your original registration slip at home and destroy your first copy.
  • Don't leave your garage door remote on your visor or anywhere visible in your vehicle.
  • Etch your driver's license number on stereo equipment and other valuables and record their serial numbers.
  • Keep CDs, cassette tapes and spare change out of sight.
  • Call police immediately if your vehicle is stolen or broken into at 760-839-4722.