The primary responsibility of the Escondido Police Department's Traffic Unit is to make the streets of Escondido as safe as possible for citizens and visitors traveling by foot, bicycle, or motor vehicle.

The Unit provides training, visual displays, and information at public functions, such as schools, senior centers, and special interest groups.

The Traffic Unit investigates traffic collisions, follow-up on hit and run collisions, and enforces traffic laws and regulations as they pertain in the Municipal Code and the California Vehicle Code. The Traffic Unit plans and coordinates special events with other City departments and civic sponsors. The officers from the Traffic Unit serve on the City's Safety Commission and coordinate safety issues with Traffic Engineering.

The goal and mission of the Escondido Traffic Unit is to manage traffic flow on city streets. This is in order to lessen vehicle collisions through a program that enhances the Traffic Unit's ability to enforce traffic laws and to respond to community traffic concerns.

The Traffic Unit is comprised of officers that utilize both police motorcycles and police vehicles. The police motorcycle is a highly unique tool in that it offers a wide variety of metropolitan enforcement capabilities, i.e., enforcement in high volume pedestrian/vehicular commute locations. The police vehicle demonstrates a high visibility approach to traffic enforcement.

Officers that deploy both the police motorcycle and police vehicle are trained in the investigation and analysis of all traffic collisions involving serious injury or death; all Federal, State, County, and City vehicles; and all hit and run collisions where serious injury or death occurs.

Traffic Enforcement

The Escondido Police Department's Traffic Enforcement Motorcycles work with the Department's Traffic Investigators, Crime Suppression Division (CSD), and the City's Traffic Engineering Division to support and improve Escondido's traffic safety and circulation programs.

Parking Enforcement

Under general supervision, a Parking Enforcement Officer is responsible to enforce parking ordinances of the City and laws of the state applicable to traffic parking violations within the city. The Parking Enforcement Officers issue citations for illegal parking on city streets and municipal parking lots, act as adult crossing guards at school crossings or other locations as directed, report traffic/parking and other hazards to the proper authority, and provide assistance and information to the public.