Volunteer Mission

Escondido Police Department Volunteers perform a wide range of non-hazardous duties. Volunteers provide many services for the department, such as ticketing illegally parked vehicles, assisting with traffic control, and performing vacation home checks.

Patrol duties enable the volunteers to serve as the eyes and ears of the Department. They are equipped with radios so they are always in touch with police officers. Traffic accidents and traffic control are primary areas where the volunteers are needed. They serve to direct traffic, answer motorists' questions, set up cones around the accident scene, and more. This assistance frees up the officers at the scene so they can clear the accident and conduct an investigation.

Volunteer Goals

The goals of the Volunteer Program are to augment the Escondido Police Department, crime prevention operations, increase the availability of police officers by using volunteers to satisfy many community needs and promote community awareness.

The volunteers strive to enhance community safety and security by promoting good community relations. The volunteers also provide an invaluable source of experience, energy and time to make their communities safer and a better place to live.

Who Are The Volunteers?

Volunteers come from all walks of life. Some are fully employed elsewhere, some have families, some are single, some are students, and some are retired.

Who May Volunteer?

Anyone over 18 years of age is welcome to apply, with a valid California driver's license.

What Can Volunteers Expect When They Apply?

The applicants can expect to be interviewed, fingerprinted, and have a background check done. The volunteers may elect to work day or evening hours during a seven day week. A minimum of 12 hours per month is required. Most volunteers have a regular schedule, although some may elect to be available "on call" or for special short-term assignments. Help is needed in nearly every area of the Police Department.

How Do I Apply?

If you have any questions or would like to speak with the Volunteer Sergeant, please call 760-839-4781 or email Lt. Ryan Hicks at rmhicks@escondido.org.

What Duties Do Volunteers Perform?

Volunteers have various responsibilities and duties. However, their main function is to perform non-hazardous duties that were previously handled by a sworn officer and non-sworn personnel. Volunteers may elect to work in one or more of the following areas:


  • Patrol the city in marked volunteer patrol cars and serve as the "Eyes and Ears" of the Department
  • Provide citizen assistance
  • Perform vacation house checks
  • Exercise fixed point traffic control
  • Participate in the Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Enforce handicapped and fire lane parking regulations
  • Mark and assist in abating unattended or abandoned vehicles
  • Graffiti reporting
  • Missing persons
  • Radio procedures and codes
  • Assist at DUI and Traffic Safety Checkpoints
  • Participate in Special Events
  • Child Fingerprinting
  • EsPD Store Front

What May A Volunteer Expect To Gain?

  • Make a meaningful difference by helping others
  • Use existing skills and experiences
  • Learn new skills
  • Widen personal range of experience
  • Make new friends
  • Help make your community a better place to live