The Escondido Police Department’s Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (COPPS) Unit was re-established in January 2017, after a several-year hiatus. The unit’s main purpose is to reduce crime and address public concerns through a community-based, problem-solving approach that produces meaningful crime reduction and an enhanced quality of life. 

The unit is comprised of a department specialist, a community service officer, six police officers, a sergeant, and a lieutenant. The department specialist provides administrative and research support for the unit through the examination of best practices as it relates to the issues and challenges facing the COPPS Unit. The community service officer oversees the Crime-Free Multi-Housing Program. In addition to working with more than 130 apartment managers, the community service officer attends Neighborhood Watch meetings, crime prevention sessions and safety talks. Of the six officers, four are assigned to address quality of life issues, and are given the freedom and flexibility to seek long-term, meaningful solutions to problems. The other two officers are assigned as school resource officers with the dedicated purpose of providing public safety and outreach to the elementary, middle and high schools.