Holiday Safety Tips for Kids

Holiday Safety Tips for KidsWhile Shopping
  • Be sure you know your address and telephone number before you leave home.
  • Stay close to your parents. If separated in a crowded store, go to a store clerk.
  • Shoplifting is stealing. You can help stop it by telling other kids that it is wrong.
  • If someone bothers you, say "NO." GO and TELL a trusted adult.
At Home
  • Don't give information to anyone you do not know over the telephone. Let the answering machine come on to screen callers. Don't answer the front door to anyone you don't know, especially when home alone.
  • Keep your list of emergency telephone numbers by the telephone.
  • Learn how to use the locks on all the doors and windows.
  • Always walk and play with a friend.
With Your Toys
  • Have mom or dad engrave your new gifts (i.e., electronic games, radios, etc.) with their driver's license number.
  • Always put up your toys and sports equipment when finished playing with them.
  • Take pictures of your new bike. As soon as you can, bring your bike to the Police Department for licensing. Don't leave your bicycle on the front lawn unsecured. Make sure you lock your bike up at night. Take photos of your new bike and note the model number and serial number on an inventory list. If your bike is lost or stolen, report it to the Police Department.
  • Be sure to let your parents know where you are playing at all times.
With Holiday Decorations
  • Do not play with Christmas tree lights or electrical connections.
  • Practice with your parents on how to get out of the house in an emergency.
  • Do not play with matches or candles. Remember fire destroys.
  • Have your parents put the non-emergency number to the Police Department near the phone for easy reference. For fire or police emergencies, call 9-1-1.