Engrave It & Save It

Engrave It & Save ItOperation Identification, or Operation I.D., is a citizen's burglary prevention/property identification program for use in homes and businesses. Operation I.D. involves the marking of property with an identifying number, such as your California Driver's License or Identification Number (with CA next to it), as a means of discouraging burglary and theft. This number also helps law enforcement agencies identify your property should it be lost or stolen.

What property should be engraved?

All items that might be attractive to a thief, such as radios, televisions, camera equipment, stereos, small appliances, tools, and sports equipment, should be marked.

Small or very valuable items such as jewelry or antiques can be either engraved by a jeweler or photographed for identification purposes.

Where do I get an engraver?

To mark your property, you can go to the Public Library and borrow an engraver for three days using your library card. It's important to return the engraver within the loan agreement time so others can use it.

You can also purchase an inexpensive engraving tool at hardware, department or variety stores.

Where should I make the engraving?

When engraving, hold the tool straight up and down. The engraving tool can be adjusted for surface differences. Practice using the engraving tool before you mark your property.

How do I keep an inventory of the engraved items?

Make a list of the engraved items including the make, model, size, color, and serial number, as applicable. Also, record the exact spots where you have engraved the items.

You should keep this record at home as a reference and for additions. Also, keep a copy in a secure place such as a safety deposit box.