What Is A Suspicious Activity

What Is A Suspicious Activity?

This is an example of a suspicious activity scenario:

Debbie (not her real name) called me the other day and asked me what she should have done when coming home and finding a strange person in her front yard. The stranger had told her he was a police detective and was there undercover. Debbie did not ask him for any identification and went into her home. Debbie asked me if she should have called the Escondido Police Department to verify who he said he was. I told her yes and explained why.

  • He could have actually been someone the Police Department was looking for.
  • He could have been casing her residence or someone else's in the neighborhood.
  • He could have tried to get her to let him into her residence under false pretenses.

When you have someone in your neighborhood who doesn't belong there, and especially if they are acting suspicious, don't hesitate to call and report it. Call the non-emergency number at 760-839-4722, advise the Dispatcher with the description of the person, what they are doing, where they are (on foot, bicycle, in a parked car, etc.), and direction of travel. Advising us provides a police officer with a reason to stop and talk to this person or persons. It also sends a message that your neighborhood won't tolerate this type of activity. Notify your neighbors of the suspicious person/activity so they are also aware.